First Film Festival – October 17th, 2015


It’s days like today that I really miss my mother. I remember being a kid that loved movies and “editing” video projects for school between two VCRs. I remember nagging her to take me to the video store (when they still had VHS) every weekend. Most of all, I remember her being supportive every step of the way, buying me hard copies of scripts and coming to school plays for Drama class. I know she would have loved to come to the Atlanta Independent Film Festival with me, where a film I was fortunate enough to be able  to DP and edit for Brandon Delaney was accepted and premiered today.

I watched a lot of great short films from some extremely talented people today but I can honestly say nothing compares to being able to watch a project that you were a part of come alive on a theater screen with people laughing in all the right places and getting lost for ten minutes in a world you helped create… There’s no words for it other than it being an unforgettable experience. It made me sad for a moment thinking I coucoldn’t share this with my Mom, couldn’t show her how far I’ve come, couldn’t make her proud…

But then I had to fight back a tear and smile because I remembered our departed loved ones who have moved on don’t miss anything… They get to see it all. And  from the best seats in the house.


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