Today’s Obstacles, Tomorrow’s Blessings In Disguise

Today, we begin production on my next short film, “No Rest For The Wicked”, which is a prequel to my passion project “Karma”… A project many told me was too high concept and difficult for an indie production.

I finished the first draft five years ago and had friends say “you’re too young for that role” or “it won’t look like film”. Others indirectly held up production and some blatantly created obstacles with their own ulterior motives…

Finally, I reached a point of frustration where I was ready to walk away from it. And so the project sat on the shelf and the years went by. And then, life got in the way…

School, work, relationships, custody battles, losing my mother in 2013, changing jobs, layoffs and any other excuse I could come up with kept me from continuing…

All the while without realizing it, I got older and I “wasn’t too young for that role anymore”. Cameras got cheaper and better. “Now they look like film”. And slowly, piece by piece everything fell into place…

The point of this rant is this, if I’d done the project when I originally wanted, it wouldn’t be what it is today. I wouldn’t be who I am today. If you have a dream, don’t walk away from it because the obstacles in your way today just might be blessings in disguise tomorrow.

Never give up…


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