Goodbye, 8 Bit! Hello, RAW!

It’s been a while since my last post, which is a good thing. It means more work and less free time. The latest project I’ve been on for the past six weeks, “One Trick Tony” written & directed by Brandon Delaney, which I was the DP, editor, and VFX Supervisor on has just been locked for music. As soon as it’s released, I’ll share the link. Our next project, “Class Of ’05”, starring Jennifer Lynn will enter production in early May.

In other news, I’m very excited to say that In Spades Entertainment has moved completely away from our previous 8bit workflow using the Sony NEX FS100 and the NEX 5N and are now using the 12 bit Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, RAW files and Davinci Resolve. What this means is an increase in quality on all our projects. The FS100 topped out at 24MBps and the BMPCC is 220+ MBps and boasts 13 stops of dynamic range! Thats’s ten times the quality with more detail, more control and flexibility in post, and a true cinematic image.

I’ve only had time to do a quick time-lapse test earlier today but will be releasing more test footage over the next week in preparation for another upcoming project, a crime thriller with zombies written and to be directed by Kenneth Andrew Williams!

Stay tuned!

P.S. – The lighting tutorials regarding “One Trick Tony” are still coming and will be out when the release date for the short gets closer. Thanks for your patience!



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